Steampunk Archetypes

When writing fiction, characters fall into different Archetypes. Regardless of the quirks and specifics of a particular character to any given story, there are certain defining features to his personality and his role within that story that clumps them into a specific Character Archetype. Archetypal characters appear in all the worlds stories; they are truly universal.

Certain archetypes appear more often in certain pieces of writing than in others, and as Steampunk fiction becomes a more developed and explored genre, it is no surprise that certain archetypes have begun to develop.

STEAMED! has written an excellent article on Archetypes specific to the Steampunk fiction genre. Many of these come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the genre, such as the Airship Pirate of the Street Sparrow. Many of the character roles are rather specific to, but almost universal within, the Steampunk genre. Brief descriptions of each role flesh out the list and get those creative juices flowing.

So for those of you writing Steampunk fiction, this may be a valuable resource in planning your characters. Just remember that the punk in Steampunk is all about breaking the mold and doing the unexpected, so don’t feel as if this is the only listen of characters that can fit into a fine Steampunk work.

Steampunk Novel Writing

Steampunk as a termed was first defined as literary genre for modern Victorian fantasy and science fiction. It’s no wonder, then, that the written word in Steampunk continues to be pervasive and influential in today’s fiction.

G.D. Falksen is one of those writers who has crafted some exceptional Steampunk novels. He recently wrote an article on one of the most challenging aspects of writing a Steampunk novel, the necessity for world building.

World building is when a fantasy or science fiction author creates a world for their story to be set in. It sounds simple enough, but the process is very involving. A created world has to have a certain distinctiveness to it that will absorb the reader’s imagination and transport them to a place they can believe in as being real.

To do this, a writer must work out the details of the world, from arts, culture, and language to geography, religion, and technology. And like all worlds, there needs to be a level of believability to the world that is crafted. Just writing anything and saying, “well, it’s fiction, so we can do anything!” usually doesn’t cut it with readers.

There’s certain rules in worldbuilding that have to be answered. In Steampunk the role of history and technology place important roles to give readers a good sense of where they are in the fictional world. G.D. Falksen goes into the details of this necessity in an article posted to Steamed! Writing Steampunk Fiction, which you can read here.

Steampunk Writing Competition

Daniel Proulx of Catherinette Rings is holding a Steampunk writing competition that I wanted to bring to your attention. Here’s the basic information via Daniel’s blog:

I am holding a new writing competition and invite anyone to write a story about the robbery of my Jewelry. I am looking for an original and creative tale in the Steampunk genre .

Jewelry has been stolen from a Museum , a Private collection , an Individual or Organization .
The Jewelry is of high value / importance . I’m giving flexibility on how you want to bring the Jewelry to life into the story . Use your imagination , The possibilities are endless .

Contest Details
Minimum word count : 1000 words
Maximum word count : 4000 words.
Closes : 10/10/2010

1st place : 150$ of my Steampunk Jewelry
2nd place : 75$ of my Steampunk Jewelry
3rd place : 45 $ of my Steampunk Jewelry

The winning story will be used in some of my Jewelry descriptions . It will be seen on Etsy,Flickr, DeviantArt, Blogs, Website , Twitter, Facebook and more

Email your finished entry to daniel.proulx@ and include the information in this format

Name :
E-mail :
Number of words :
Title :

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on Daniel’s blog. Writers will be very happy to know that Daniel includes the name of the author where ever he posts the winning story. To see the winning submission from Daniel’s last writing competition, please click here.

And as always, if you are looking for unique Steampunk jewelry, one cannot go wrong in perusing Daniel’s eclectic selection jewelry and sculpture.